If you would like more information on the following areas or have an idea on how you can help and do not see it listed here, please contact us at info@houndrescue.com and let us know.

Foster Homes

Please see the link on the home page “how to foster”. Fostering is the most important and needed aspect of volunteering and we welcome the time that you can give.

Home Visits

Visiting the homes of potential adopters to ensure the success of the adoption. Education, safety concerns, and beagle information. Beagle ownership is a must.

Short-term dog sitting/fostering

We often have the need for dogs to go to foster homes for short time periods (1 day to 2 weeks) while they are worked into the program, or when foster homes are out-of-town, etc. If longer term fostering is difficult for your schedule, then short-term fostering may be a possibility and it’s a huge help for us.

Dog Training (Obedience training)

Some of our dogs come from neglectful and attention starved backgrounds and would benefit from some basic dog training or obedience work. If you have any training or special abilities with dog training we have dogs for you! Typically basic commands and manners are needed: sitting, leash training, crate training, etc.


Article writing, collection, layout and design. This is our primary method of communication with our public. We currently publish our newsletter 4 times per year.

Fundraising (company match donations, events, advertising)

Now that we are a 501C3, the sky is the limit for fundraising. Several companies in Austin will match employee donations: there are loads of unexplored avenues that can be developed for fundraising. We need self-starters, who can help us raise money and investigate areas for donations.

T-Shirt (design, logo, printing)

We’d love to work on getting some Hound Rescue t-shirts this year.

Application Screening (education)

Primarily email and telephone work that deals with general beagle information and what is involved in the adoption process.

Owner Surrender Liaison

Primarily email and telephone work that involves talking to owners who are surrendering their dogs and what options are available.


Helping to transport both items (crates, etc) and dogs in and around the Austin and San Antonio area.


We would love to recruit a web/internet/techie to help with our website design, layout and updates.

Petfinder Updates

Computer and email based.

Social Events (Beagle walks, picnics, local events)

Creating a fun and social group would be a great way to reach out to our adopters and volunteers. Hound Rescue would like to participate in more local events, have more doggie get-togethers and schedule some f-u-n for all.

Other Professional Services (accounting, marketing, etc)

or anything else you can think of, please let us know how and where you’d like to help and we’ll sure be glad to have you