Are you active and an outdoorsy type? “Me too! ”

“Want to meet up  for a run, hike, or hunt?

Gulliver is an active, smart, and energetic boy. Alpha personality so it is recommended that he be an only pet or have a meet and greet with another similar size/energy dog. Gulliver has hunting instincts so should not live with small pets or small children.

Gulliver is heartworm positive and will need to be kept crated and calm during his treatment. Hound Rescue will cover the cost of treatment for any adopter that would like to get a head start with Gulliver. He  is a sweet working hound so he needs lots of exercise and a place to roam. He is selective on his canine friends so dog parks are not a good fit for him.  He can be a total love bug in the morning and  needs a strong hand to keep his enthusiasm in check. If you want a great companion and up for a challenge then Gulliver is your guy!