We adopted "Shelby", our second Beagle, from Sandra in Houston (made the roundtrip from DFW on Thanksgiving Eve), and we couldn't be happier with the dog we adopted. When we got her in Nov. 2001 she was about 2 years old. We had an older 8 year old Beagle which we adopted shortly before Shelby, and they have gotten along great except for a few brother/sister fights. Adopting form Sandra was a wonderful experience.

Sandra was so happy to meet with us when we arrived, around midnight, and we loved being able to "check out" all the Beagles she had. For some reason when we were looking to adopt a Beagle it was hard to find ANY in the DFW area, since then it has become quite a bit easier, but we were so surprised that we could look at close to a dozen Beagles all in one house. Of course Shelby's brother Roscoe got to come too so he could help us decide which sister to pick. He had sooo much fun playing with the other Beagle's, and in the end he seemed most pleased with Shelby.

Shelby who goes by "little miss priss" is such a princess and was pulled from a local Houston city pound, and was very scared and intimidated by the pound environment. Lucky for us because Shelby was within 24 hours of running out of time at the pound. The only information we knew about Shelby was that she was given up because the two little girls who she used to live with no longer wanted to take care of her. We cannot imagine a more perfect dog for a little girl.

Shelby has been fairly low maintenance and loves to go for walks and sniff for rabbits. When we take "the dogs" out for a walk all the kids in the neighborhood love to come pet the Beagles, even though she is a little shy at first her two siblings make up for it. We have had so much fun with the two that we had that we now have three, a puppy, who Shelby LOVES to play with now that her brother is getting to old to play as much as Shelby wants. Overall our experience with Beagles has been great and we cannot imagine owning another type of dog.

Pictures coming soon!