Schroeder Austin Jackson adopted the Jackson family on June 29, 2002.

Just wanted to share this day with you as you were the one to make it all possible. Today, Schroeder has been with us for 1 year! Since he was so sad at the beginning, it makes it all the more special that he has turned into a happy, loving beagle. He often rolls around on his back, smiling and making his funny little sounds. He smiles a lot now! He enjoys playing tug of war with Shelby and even wrestles with her on occasion. His big "job" is keeping the other beagles ears and teeth cleaned.

Frisco was even complemented by the vet for his clean ears - my husband told him that we had to give the credit to Schroeder, our chief groomer. He still dearly loves his walks and likes to sit on the backyard swing with us. He's still afraid of thunderstorms, but will accept comforting now. He has come to love being hugged and cuddled. Watch out, though - he's a pantry bandit!!!! He will walk out of the pantry with a loaf of bread or a box of cereal if you don't watch him - such a silly beagle!

I think that with a little time, patience and love, even the unhappiest beagles can find a forever home. We are so grateful that you trusted us with this beautiful little soul - he's my special boy!!!!

This is the original success story, submitted shortly after adoption. Schroeder is a very sensitive little soul who had previously been adopted, then returned to Hound Rescue when things didn't work out with his first family. He was very sad for the first day and decided to sleep through it. We really worried about him!!! But every day, he felt more and more at home. By the end of the first week, Schroeder realized he would need to take charge of this motley crew he lived with!!!

Succes Story - Schroeder Success Story - Schroeder

Being a very proper and well-mannered Beagle, he does not tolerate any foolishness from his brothers, human or Beagle. If they jump on the bed, he barks sharply at them until they behave. If his Beagle brother, Frisco, acts goofy, he corrects him. He is also known to snatch toys right out of Frisco's mouth, toss them up in the air and catch them again. In addition to his obvious pitching and catching skills, he practices base running by chasing Frisco in circles through the back yard, saying, "Errr-uh, errrr-uh" all the while. (Maybe we should call the Rangers or the Astros????) This Amazing Wonder Beagle can also carry a water dish in his mouth and dump it out in the yard.

"The Aroooo Brothers", as Schroeder and Frisco are known, strike terror into the hearts of squirrels that wander in the back yard. Frisco bays and tries to climb trees to get the squirrels and Schroeder supervises the entire operation.

In addition to these many talents, Schroeder can also be a soft-hearted, loveable guy. He is becoming quite tolerant of the many hugs and kisses he receives every day and even gives kisses in return. He kindly shares a small portion of the king-sized bed with any of the humans and occasionally cuddles with Frisco in (gasp!!!) the dog bed. He hates thunderstorms, but really enjoys being toweled off after a walk in the rain. He and Frisco enjoy walking their humans and making them do the odd little cross over and under dance with the leashes that have tangled.

There is really no way to begin to describe how wonderful life is with two rescued Beagles (Frisco came to us on his last day from the local vet). Both Beagle boys are terrific - they have very different personalities, but make an excellent pair. They keep us laughing with their antics and offer comfort when we are down. They are always thrilled to see us when we come home - how many people dance for you when you walk in a door??? They make life better every day!!!

The whole Jackson gang is extremely grateful to Cynthia from AHR and her husband, Sean, who worried so much about Schroeder and how his delicate personality would fit in with a boisterous Beagle and boisterous boys. Cynthia has been through a lot of e-mail and phone calls as we worked to make this a good match - she is truly the patron saint of Beagles and the people who love them.

Lisa, Scott, Tyler, Noah, Frisco and Schroeder Jackson

Success Story - Schroeder