We adopted Happy, now known as Riley, on Thanksgiving eve of 2002. We had been in close contact with Sandra trying to find the ideal companion for our beagle/bassett mix Ellie.She was very patient with us as we talked about the ones she had available for adoption. It was key that we bring home a more mellow poochie who would not annoy our older, very mellow Ellie. We also wanted to make sure the new addition would get along well with our indoor kitty Chloe. Due to Sandra's help, we found the perfect companion for our home.

Riley has been a joy to have in our house and he is adjusting very nicely to his new home. He loves his toys very much and carries them around everywhere. He also enjoys his walks and lounging in 'his" chair in front of the window. He's always excited to see some action outside. He also gets along well with our cat, although sometimes he thinks she might want to steal his toys.

Adopting a dog for which you don't know the background can be a challenge because you are unsure of any mistreatment they might have experienced before they come to your home. However, it is so rewarding and worth it to give a dog in need of a home a great new start in life. Just be patient with your new addition as they adjust to the new residence and new loving owners. Animals are adaptable but need time and patience to figure out their place in your home and hearts. Sandra is very knowledgeable about dogs and will help you through any challenges you might face during your dog's transition into its new home.

I commend and admire Sandra and the other volunteers and foster families for all they do to make a better life for those animals in need. Even if you don't end up adopting a dog from the rescue, please encourage your friends and families to adopt animals from local shelters and rescue organizations. Also, encourage them to spay and neuter their pets to help control the unwanted pet population. Finally, your donations to organizations that try to help our unwanted pet populations is always needed to help rescue, save, and foster even more animals.

I hope this helps you realize how successful pet adoption can be. Pictures coming soon (Riley is a little camera shy, but we're working on it)!