Succes Story - Raymond

Ray is a happy, fun-loving blind beagle that has brought so much joy to my family. A volunteer for Town Lake Animal Shelter posted a notice on Craigslist that there was a 10-year old, blind beagle that needed help quickly. For a reason that I cannot explain, that blind, brown eyed beagle staring at me in the photo pulled at my heart strings and wouldn't let go.

After a little convincing, I drove down to TLAC the next morning with my fiance sitting next to me looking up famous blind names. Once we got there, I found out that Hound Rescue had adopted him. A huge weight from was lifted from my heart as I knew the shelter was not going to be his last home, but I still felt like I needed to do something. As soon as we arrived at home, I emailed Hound Rescue hoping to foster Ray. Less than a week later, Ray (previously named Tudor) was exchanging licks with my other beagle, Beauregard, and our border collie, Dixie.

Succes Story - Raymond Succes Story - Raymond

It only took a few circles around each room of the house, and Ray had everything figured out. He knew where he would nap, eat, drink, and sleep. Ray did have to go through enucleation surgery to remove his swollen eyes due to chronic glaucoma, but he bounced back like a champ! As long as a beagle has his nose he is happy. He now goes on our morning and evening walk. Ray also loves the dog park, rolling on his back in the middle of the living room, exchanging kisses with Beauregard, and hiding his precious bones.

Our most recent progress came when Ray took his first running steps at the dog park last week. When Ray came into our family, he was very overweight, but with a little exercise and good food, he as lost 10 pounds! He is looking more handsome and spunky each day.

He is the star of our family. Everyone that meets him loves him. How can you not love an old boy that has rolled with the punches of life and is still as happy as can be? I am so grateful for this loveable boy in my life. We can't imagine our pack without him.

Thank you Hound Rescue for bringing us Ray.


Natalie, James, Beauregard, and Dixie

Succes Story - Raymond