Succes Story - Ranger

We adopted Belle from Austin Hound Rescue in May, 2002. Belle had been in a foster home in Bastrop for a short time, after being rescued from Animal Control. The foster owners named her Belle, as she didn't have a name when they picked her up from Animal Control. Because she hadn't learned her name yet, we didn't feel bad about renaming her to Ranger Skywalker when we picked her up (to complement our other beagle, Trigger Han Solo).

The first month was difficult for us. Ranger has a fairly dominant personality and Trigger has a submissive personality, and every evening Ranger had to make a lot of noise and take Trigger's toys and treats to make sure that Trigger knew who was in charge. We got Ranger because Trigger has always enjoyed playing with other dogs, but in the first month I was concerned because it didn't seem like Trigger was very happy with Ranger stealing her toys and chasing her around all the time. Eventually they settled down, and have become good friends (as long as Ranger gets her treats first).

Ranger was understandably very nervous when we brought her home - we were her fourth different home in the span of a couple of months. When she wasn't busy keeping Trigger in line she was constantly walking laps around the house. She was very hesitant to sit too close to the people or let us get too close to her.

Slowly, over the course of the next six months, she began to get more comfortable around us. She's a very friendly dog now. She likes to follow us around from room to room now, and she asks us to pet her by plopping down by us and leaning against us.

We've had Ranger for two years now, and she has been a wonderful addition to our family!