Succes Story - Penny

This is the story of Princess Penny... In October of 2002, I decided that I was ready for another doggie. My Golden Retriever (Amber) had died a few months before that and I desperately wanted another dog to love. I got on the internet and started looking up different kinds of dogs. My boyfriend at the time, had a beagle and I loved him to death. He had quite a personality! So I decided that I was going with a Beagle or Beagle Mix...Boy, I had know idea what I was in store for!

I came across the Hound Rescue website and read all the helpful info on adoption and being a responsible owner. Then I started browsing through the pics of available dogs and low and behold I came across the most beautiful, precious face I had ever seen! There she was..."The One" I knew instantly I wanted her. I got in contact with Karen (her foster mom) and drove 4 hours to Houston to pick up my sweet! The rest is history...

She has been an amazing addition to our family. She and I really are best of friends...I tell u what, she is soooo hilarious! I swear she has to be the smartest doggie ever :) She is so fun to be around and she has this zest for life!! She does all kinds of tricks that she taught herself! We taught her manners; like sit, lay, shake, house training, and so on... but, she taught herself to do flips, she can throw anything from balls to frizbees.She can bounce a ball or a squeeky toy off her nose...kinda like she's playing volleyball! She plays hide-n-seek, and I promise she knows English, I'll ask her "Where is your squeeky?" She begins her search for her squeeky toy...Well, sometimes she can't find it. So I will say "Go look in the hallway in front of the bathroom!" and Guess What? She does it and low and behold she brings it back!!

Succes Story - Penny

Her favorite things to do are riding in the car, going to the Dog Park because, she doesn't have to wear a leash (there's fences to protect her from her little beaglie nose getting her in trouble) barking at everyone that dares walk past HER house, aggravating our maltese and of course cuddling with mom! I really want to thank everyone at Hound Rescue for rescuing this lil darling! Without your efforts I wouldn't have my Precious Penny...I couldn't imagine life without her.

Now Penny would like to say something to her foster Mommy... Hi Foster Mom! It's me Penny... I'm doing sooo good, you'd be so proud of me! I've come a long way from that scared little girl you found at that terrible place with the big fences and hard cold floors. I am so happy now and I love my life! I always feel safe and loved at my house... Mom says I'm the queen of the house! "I know" Well, I just wanted to say Thank You again for rescuing me all that time ago and giving me a second chance at happiness. Bye everyone! Love~Penny

I really do recommend adoption through Hound Rescue. These precious babies deserve a second chance at life. They will change your life forever! They bring nothing but unconditional love and happiness. Thank you again to everyone!!!! Sincerely, Lindsey and Penny