Succes Story - Munch

I just wanted to thank Hound Rescue for the wonderful addition to our family. We adopted Munch over a year and a half ago and he quickly became an important part of our family. He has brought endless hours of joy and love to myself, my 3 year old son, my husband and anyone that has stepped into our house.

Munch has had some difficulties with a skin condition, but thankfully we're through the hardest parts with that after finding a great solution in a simple place - corn meal!

He plays very well with my son and is now a big brother to a Labrador Retriever puppy. Munch loves to roam around our pasture then come home and nestle at our feet. He fancies himself a lap dog and his big brown eyes gets him loving all the time. It's been a wonderful experience having him. Even when things were rough, Munch is part of the family and it's been worth it to stick with him and get him feeling better!

Best regards, The Yanta Family

Succes Story - Munch