Succes Story - Milo

We had been wanting a dog for a long time but lack of space and being newly weds we decided upon adopting 2 abandoned cats, Marcel & Jackson, instead. Two years later, with more room and time, we decided it was time to add a dog to the mix. We weren't looking for a hound or any kind of dog in particular at first. We just wanted a pup that was a just a bit older and was able to get along with our cats. After a few weeks of going to the pound on a daily basis and not finding what we were looking for, a search on the web lead us to Hound Rescue.

That's when we first saw and fell in love with Milo (then known as Peanut), a 2-yr old beagle in Austin. The description stated that he did do well with cats and loved to love, however, he did suffer from separation anxiety. My brother had had a beagle, Ella, and swore by their sweet nature and companionship. I must admit, I was a bit reluctant at first with the tales of baying and howling that beagles are known for and didn't know if we were willing to work with his separation anxiety.

We went ahead and visited Milo at his foster mom's home. As I sat to play with him he came over and nuzzled his wet nose into my neck. It was over from there. We took him home the next day on a trial basis to see how our cats responded to him and vice versa. He and Marcel became instant friends and he became ours to love forever.

Ever since, he has thrived from an underweight pup to a healthy and warm canine. He feels secure and safe and no longer cries when we leave but rather finds comfort in his new feline friends and rarely ever makes a peep (unless he and Marcel are playing a game of tag!). He gets along great with other dogs and loves to play protector when my husband is away. We don't know what we ever did without him. Known lovingly as our Milo Pilo, Regal Beagle, Mies Pies, or Milo P. Dog, he is our true and loyal friend and we love him dearly.

Succes Story - Milo Succes Story - Milo