Max & Maggie

Succes Story - Max & Maggie

Max and Maggie. What can we say about these two wonderful children who have brought so much happiness to our lives?

We found this brother and sister team on the internet and after much correspondence, photos and videos from their foster parents, Laura and Robert P, finally went to pick them up in Nacogdoches, TX. These two, although not really from the same litter, acted like they were brother and sister and have really stuck together. They came from an abusive home where they got little, if any, attention and were very undisciplined and unruly when they were rescued in Austin. Their foster parents had put them on a rehabilitation program while they had them and had made great strides in disciplining them. After a little period of adjustment, the four of us just "meshed" together.

Maximillian is our lovey-dovey flirt. He loves to snuggle and usually sleeps with Mom and Dad. If he's left inside while all the action is outside, he jumps very, very high to look out the window to see what's going on outside. So he's earned the nickname 'Pogo'. He's learned some manners and defers to his big sister at meal time and treat time. Max really hasn't learned to trust strangers yet, but is 100% loyal to and protective of his family.

Maggie is our little thief. She has beautiful, blond eyelashes. She loves to 'steal' socks and houseshoes and keep them in her crate. She never chews anything ... she just keeps her stuff in her room. She is so darling. She was very overweight when rescued, but quickly started to lose weight with a little discipline and a diet of Texas pears and love. When she goes after the neighbor dogs, you better stand back! She huffs and puffs and the hair on her back stands up a good two inches and she lets 'em have it!

They have learned to mind so well. They do very well on their leashes when we take them for a walk. If they're outside playing and we call them, they come immediately like two little soldiers. When we have to go to work, we just tell them they have to go to their rooms (crates) and in they go ... no problem. They never let us forget what time dinner is or when it's time for treats. They keep us on a tight schedule!

They play together very well. One will aggravate the other till they get to playing and chasing each other around the house, usually Maggie chasing Max and yelling at him! All in great fun, you understand.

Our lives have been made a great deal richer because of these two and we thank God everyday for leading us to them.

Succes Story - Max & Maggie Succes Story - Max & Maggie

And a note from M&M's foster mom, who fostered them at length prior to their adoption...

When I first saw Max and Maggie, it was at one of our beaglefests. Amy Lindamood had asked me to foster these two and told me they were like wild children who had never had any positive attention for most of their lives.

You knew the moment these two arrived. Max wanted to pick a fight with every dog he could see. Maggie wanted to bark at everyone and get fights started, she fully expected Max to come in and rescue her once she had everyone stirred up. I knew immediately that I was in deep trouble.

We fostered these two for 7-8 months before Jake and Susan came along. And during that time, Max and Maggie (affectionately called M & M), settled down tremendously. They learned that they would be loved no matter what they did and that no physical punishment would fall on them for infractions. Max was the needier of the two. He hated to be inside if everyone else was outside, hence his other nickname...Pogo. That boy could jump! and jump! and jump!

As soon as Susan and Jake decided that M & M would be the right dogs for them, they came to pick them up at my house. I knew they were perfect as soon as they walked into the house. Max (who up until that point was still reserved around men) and Maggie made a beeline straight for Jake and Susan and immediately started loving on them. There was no mistaking the instant bond there, regardless of the trials and tribulations that came later.

Our sweet Maggie passed on the bridge this past April. Her battle with cancer had finally come to an end. It was a bitter day when Susan called to tell me we had lost our clown. Memories of Maggie will always bring laughter to my heart and soul. She was the one that taught all the dogs at my house that you could eat the pears that had fallen off the tree. And being the little pig that she was, Maggie always made sure she stashed some for later. Maggie was also a thief, not just of hearts, but clothing. She was so happy when she'd find a piece of clothing lying on the floor. It would immediately be claimed by her and dragged/carried/pulled into her crate, which she would then guard against all the other dogs, allowing no one access to her treasure trove. The only way we could do laundry, was to get Maggie to go outside and then raid her crate. The expression of woe and disappointment on her face when she saw her crate empty would just crack us up.

Maggie is very much missed, mostly by her family and by myself and others that had the rare good fortune to meet these two in person. There will never be another Maggie, I don't think even a clone would come close to her unique style and presence.

Laura P. The Bolthole Beagles Ex-foster mom

Succes Story - Max & Maggie