Succes Story - Max

Max, who was known as Harley or possibly Barley during his stay at the Town Lake Animal Control Facility, wants me to tell you how much he loves living in Houston. He says that if he weren't a boy he should have been named after his rescue angel, Cynthia, who saved his life...literally, and drove him halfway to Houston, He would have been ok with being a boy named Sue (afterall they wrote a song about him!) but a boy named Cynthia...just didn't work.

When Max got to Houston--he was underweight and still had a wound on his neck where he had pulled free from being tied up. He didn't know what doggie treats were, he didn't know come, or stop or sit or anything and it seemed he had had little or no human attention. He was an expert at finding water outside to drink and he was an escape artist--within less than 24 hours he had escaped twice from a reasonably secure fence. Now Max says, with all the attention, good food, doggie treats and love from his brother Crocket, the springer spaniel, and his mom--escaping is the farthest thing from his mind. Max also says he wants to send photos--cuz he'll really cute...oops he actually said handsome, but his mom is still in the dark ages and is working on trying to come up with digital photos (hopefully to come soon).

The scoop on Max is that he is really, really smart and really a love. He loves being hugged. He's figured out his name, sit, come, stop, that doggie treats are really worth getting excited about. He also an acrobat, he will walk backward across the room on his hind legs while he keeps an eye on where I am going with his food or doggie treat, plus he will balance on anything no matter how small.

By the way he wants me to tell you he also has learned the word "no". Not only does he know what it means when he hears me say it but he also tests me to make sure I know the meaning of "no". On occasion he chooses to test me by saying no--he turns around looks at me, gets a determined look on his face and then refuses my request. It must be the terrible twos. Unfortunately, Crocket has learned how to say "no" from Max, which he never knew before, so the three of us have had to have some serious discussions about what constitutes timely and appropriate responses.

Max and Crocket play a lot and between the two of them they own the couch...and its an extra long couch! After dinner they stretch out for their evening nap (after a hard day of play) and leave me balanced on the corner, where there is no back to lean against. In the mornings they catch rays in the back yard and at night they patrol for critters (coons, rabbits, or possums). They get walks on a series of special streets that are all dead end so they get to walk off lease.

Max just wants to run and hunt but he makes a point to always know where I am (and vice versa). Once he thought he'd been gone too long in the bushes and had lost me and he came tearing out going in the wrong direction until he heard me call him. He stopped so fast he almost fell over and then ran back to me so fast he couldn't stop when he got to me and ran into me. It took a couple of weeks for him to really feel comfortable but now he seems always happy, his tail is always wagging (except when I leave in the morning) and he has started talking to me. Crocket is so happy to have a brother even though that means he has to share his human.

Last Sunday Crocket spent the entire day playing with Max or following him and the entire day he had the silliest grin on his face. Max is a great dog. Its hard to imagine how much he must have yearned for attention and still have maintained his sunny disposition. Cynthia is such an angel and has made so many pups and people happy. Crocket, Max and I will always be thankful and hold her in our hearts.

Thank you, Ann Levy