Succes Story - Maddie

Hi y'all! (from Texas, naturally)

It's been two and a half years since I adopted my beloved beagle from Austin Hound Rescue. Where has the time gone?!

"Marcy" (since then, renamed "Maddie") quickly adapted to her new surroundings, which included a beagle playmate named Kerbey (also a rescue). Maddie and Kerbey and I now live in a duplex with a large fenced yard (and a doggie door off the kitchen!) in a lovely neighborhood, which we explore on a daily basis. Maddie is still extremely affectionate, greeting me at the door every day with her joyful wags and frenzied doggie-kisses. During the day, Maddie keep a vigorous schedule of naps on the various dog pillows in the house, patrolling the front yard from her seat near the picture window, sunbathing in the backyard, chasing birds and squirrels, chewing on sticks, and contemplating life in general. At night, she keeps my feet warm as she curls up, under the covers, at the foot of the bed. She and Kerbey often accompany me for exciting car rides around town to run errands, and on weekends we usually go to the Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail here in Austin to charm the other dogs. It's a good life!!

Thanks again for everything you guys do to rescue beagles! I've attached a photo... Maddie is giving me a kiss and Kerbey is at my feet.