Succes Story - Lyka

After researching many types of dogs, we decided that a Beagle best suited our family. We attended dog shows and spoke to dog owners, many of whom suggested adopting a dog versus getting a new puppy. There are advantages to this option - many dogs are house broken and their personalities have been developed so that you can select a dog that suits you and your family's lifestyle.

We were told about Austin Hound Rescue. As I started looking at all the dogs available for adoption - there was a picture of Lyka along with a description of this timid shy dog. This was the dog for me. While I knew she was the one, I had many conversations with her foster family. Soon after, Lyka was ours!

It is hard to believe that there ever was a time without Lyka. She is so much a part of our lives. She is how we begin and end the day. I think she knows how to tell time, because if I'm not up to walk her by 6 a.m. (I walk, she sniffs), she wakes me up! At the end of the day, everyone fights over whom she gets to sleep with, especially on cold nights when she loves to snuggle against you.

Succes Story - Lyka

It didn't take her long until she gained her confidence and turned into a Beagle Girl. Although she doesn't dig, doesn't howl (except occasionally on our walks when she gets a scent and goes running while I try to hold on for dear life to prevent from becoming airborne), and doesn't jump on people. She does roll on her back for a belly rub when a family member comes home, sometimes she barks at other dogs (big and small) although most times she can't be bothered, and tries to chase yellow school buses.

The vets have written comments in her medical records as to her "sweet natured disposition". Lyka must be sweet natured to put up with us. We love to hug her, kiss her, and call her "pet" names (Lyka-Moo, mama's sugar plum girlfriend, angel face baby love, and some in a foreign language), often times bothering her when she is resting so contently.

We take Lyka to "grandma's house" and to the home of other relatives and friends. Santa even brought her a present this year!

It is hard to believe someone could have abandoned her. Lyka has brought our family much joy. It may be difficult for some people to understand how a dog can be loved so much, but SHE is!

Succes Story - Lyka