Succes Story - Hudson

Hi there! Hudson the wonder dog here. Mom was reading me all of the stories of the beaglies that had been rescued by the nice Hound Rescue and I decided that I wanted to have my own story too! It all started when my first people just let me run free around the neighborhood.

Being the happy beagle boy that I am I just loved that! Unfortunately, the neighbors didn't like me quite as much, I liked to dig in their yard. They took me back to my people and my people said they didn't really want me any more and to just let me go. Well, the neighbors didn't think that was a very good idea so they took me to the Hound Rescue house where I got stay with some other doggies for a while. Mom says that she found me on the 'net (whatever that means) and she could see right away what a ham I was and how much fun they would have playing with me. Succes Story - Hudson Well, Dad was not quite as excited as Mom was but he agreed to come and meet me as long as she agreed that it was OK to not bring me home right away so they could talk about it. Well, as soon as Dad walked in the door it was like he was surrounded in a halo of light and not all of the mad stinging hornet in the world could keep me from him. *sigh* I plopped myself right at his feet and gave him my very best "you are the most wonderfullest thing that I have ever laid eyes on, even better than my prized bone" look that I could muster and he reached down and petted me and I just knew he was putty in my paws from then on.

We are best buddies now and he chases me around the house and does his best to Arrrooouuuuuuuwww with me! I also found out that I have sisters! I like them most of the time but sometimes that Zen cat just needs to be chased so I have to chase her every once in a while. She forgives me though and we are friends. The little green one with wings is sometimes mean.

Succes Story - Hudson

One time, when Grandma and Grandpa were visiting and Mom and Dad left to go away for the day like they always do, I was mourning for them going away at the door crying and carrying on. Grandpa came and tried to make me feel better and I threw my head back and gave my most pitiful mourning howl and the Green Sister didn't like it because she thought I was too loud and too pitiful and she bit me on the ear. I forgive her though and now she will give me the food that she doesn't eat by tossing it on the floor for me to get and I really like that a lot.

I am really glad that Mom and Dad decided that I was the puppy for them, I don't know where I would be without them. Truth be told though, I really think that they would be much worse off without me than I would be without them. See, I make all of the fun in the house and make them laugh...a lot! They also introduced me to my bestest friend in the whole world, Meesh (that is me sniffing her ear in the picture) and we have lots of fun and adventures together. Mom says we are like peas and carrots. Anyway, that is my story! Thanks for listening!