Succes Story - Holly

Holly - now formally known as "Hollywood" or "Holly GoLightly" - has become the first canine addition in my small, yet growing animal family. Her sweet disposition and kind nature have made me so very happy. I never knew how much company dogs could really be. She and her brother Gus (my somewhat crazy siamease cat) get along quite well and every so often I catch them snuggling with one another or playing in the house.

Holly has truly been a blessing for me and she now has the reign of the house. As you can tell by the picture, she already as a couch all to herself. I love her little waddle when she walks and the excitment she has when I come home from work or just the grocery store. I can't imagine her not a part of my life, she has added so much joy already. I know we have a lot of adventures ahead of us!