Succes Story - Gracie

Soon after moving into our first home, my husband and I decided that we were ready to start a family. We thought that we would start by having a girl- not too young but not too old. We were delighted when we found houndrescue on the internet. Yes, we wanted to adopt a dog.

Sandra was very helpful with helping us pick out the perfect new member to our family. She talked with us through e-mail and instant messanger several times, telling us about different dogs. She even sent pictures of several different dogs. After talking with her, we felt that Gracie was the perfect dog for us. She is part lab, part beagle. After driving almost three hours to pick her up, we were very anxious to meet her. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.She is the sweetest dog. Although she is a pretty big dog, she is a great lap dog. She will lay beside me on the couch forever and let me rub her soft ears.

Succes Story - Gracie Succes Story - Gracie

We are so thankful to Sandra for rescuing Gracie and introducing her to us. We know that Gracie is happy with us also, her tail is always wagging. We are very happy with our little family but maybe one day we will contact Sandra again to find her a little sister. Thanks again Sandra and thanks to her foster mom, Cassandra. Thanks for giving her to us. I know that Sandra could not rescue all of these dogs without the help of the foster parents.