Succes Story - George

This is George, adopted on January 17th, 2003. We just celebrated our one year anniversary of him being apart of our family. We saw his picture on this Hound Rescue's site as an urgent situation. He was in Conroe/Montgomery (outside of Houston) in a kill-all shelter. We didn't know anything about his history, age, or demeanor and could only see a small picture of his face. He looked scared and lonely, no telling where he came from. But, something told us to do whatever we could to save him and bring him to our home in Austin.

Boy was that instinct right! We made lots of calls, emails, faxes, and probably pestered the adoption agency trying to get them to take him from the shelter and let us adopt. We were elated when it all worked out and in a couple of days we were going to pick up this strange new dog. When he first got home he was shy, quiet, and a loner in his new environment. He joined our first beagle, Sydney who was about his age He came around after a few weeks and a couple escape attempts (who could blame him after this new "family" got him fixed and tried locking him in a tiny little crate?). Sydney and George are now the best of friends and are so happy together! We love him so much!!!!! George digs, barks at & chases squirrels, chews, and tears up like lots of beagles typically do, but he also loves on everyone, cuddles and makes us laugh daily with his silliness. He's so friendly and sweet we just don't know what we would do without him. Thank you Hound Rescue for helping us find such a wonderful dog and friend!

April and Paul Miller, Austin, TX