Succes Story - DB

DB, a 3-4 year old Beagle, came into our lives (Steve, Lisa, Monica, and Joshua) July 2001. We looked around a lot for dogs and did some research to find out what kind of breed we should get, since we were new to having a dog. The temprament of a beagle seemed to go well with our family.

After talking with several rescues and trying to find a good match, we stumbled onto DB. Everyone in both the AHR and other rescues were very helpful to us. They let us know which dogs they did not think would be a good match for us, and which ones would. Laura P was especially helpful and talked to us about several of her rescues. After much advice from her and careful consideration, we chose DB.

Succes Story - DB Succes Story - DB

We could not have ended up with a better addition to our family. He was very playful for our son, Joshua, age 8, soon to be 9. He also liked to snuggle up with both Joshua and our daughter, age 12. He can be very playful and also likes to snuggle. He is insatiable when it comes to food. The worst of his antics was eating two sticks of butter off of the table during Christmas Eve. As you can imagine, this prank of his carried its own punishment.

The only thing that can compare to his love of food is his love of his nightly walks. He is pretty smart. When we got him, he already knew how to sit. Now he does a great job lying down, rolling over, shaking hands with either paw, and speaking on command. He also comes running when he hears his dog whistle as he knows he gets food at the end of it. Overall, he has trained us pretty well on the task of giving him food! He has learned pretty good manners, though, as he knows if he lies down quitely rather than jumping up on the feeder, he will get his dinner faster. He still shows some bad manners when it comes to stealing low hanging food, but he has the type of sad eyes that always seem to make you forgive him.

Thanks to Laura P and the Austin Hound Rescue for all the help they gave us during the adoption process and all the advice they gave us after. We couldn't be happier.

Succes Story - DB