Daisy & Freckles

Succes Story - Daisy & Freckles

Please meet our two beautiful 4-year-old Beagle sisters Daisy (left) and Freckles. These two adorable girls came into our life on Thanksgiving 2001. They were being fostered in Texas and we live in Massachusetts. We were able to work out travel arrangements with their foster Mom to have them flown to the airport closest to our home. (long distance adoption does work!)

After losing our dog 1.5 years prior, we were finally ready to bring another dog into our lives. We decided to get two so they would have each other for company during the day while we worked. We were hoping to find a bonded pair, and were lucky enough to find these two.

Daisy is a sweet, shy, sensitive Beagle girl, and when she came out of her shell with us, we were happy to find that she is also very playful! She will tease you with her squeaky toy, and then dare you to chase her for it. When the two of them are out in the yard, she is always the one to start the "chasing game" in which they run around the yard as fast as they possibly can trying to catch one another, yelping happily when they finally crash! Daisy is still shy of strangers, even those she's met a number of times. We are hoping that with time and patience, she will overcome this.

Succes Story - Daisy & Freckles Succes Story - Daisy & Freckles

Freckles, as described to us by her foster Mom, is our adventure package! She always has an agenda - looking for something to get into, and is continually on the hunt for food! She is very sweet and loving, and would lick your face off if you gave her the chance. She likes nothing more than to step or lay on her sister, if you happen to be patting Daisy, in order to steal ALL of the attention for herself! She is also shy of strangers, but due to the fact that she is more outgoing, seems to overcome it easily.

We are very lucky to have these two in our lives. They are wonderful dogs, and although we had a few housebreaking and chewing issues initially, we are making great progress. We have learned that Beagles can absolutely NOT be let off the leash for any reason, and must be watched carefully even when in a fenced area. These two escaped through a weak spot in our fence. I'm sure they would have continued to run if their noses hadn't stopped them along the way to smell everything, allowing us to capture them!

All in all, we are thoroughly enjoying our girls, and are grateful to Hound Rescue for their help in allowing us to find them. A special thanks to Amy and Laura P. for all of their hard work during our "adoption" process!

Succes Story - Daisy & Freckles