Succes Story - Annie

We adopted Little Orphan Annie (formerly Roxie) in mid-March 2002. What a sweetheart! We lost our beloved Harriet, a 9 yr. old beagle, back in July 2001 to a terrible blood disease which took her very quickly. Cody, our 6 year old, sweetest yellow Lab was now an only child. We had always raised beagles from puppies and didn't think the time was right to bring a puppy home.

I was wistfully looking at beagle sites on the web, and chanced upon the hound rescue page and saw Annie's photo. Couldn't stand it... had to have her. I never dreamed it would be so easy. She is so friendly, loves everyone and she and Cody were immediate best friends. Success StoryThe only reason I can think that she was once a stray is that she seems to have a case of wanderlust and enjoys looking out every window in the house. Would highly recommend adopting to anyone, she's wonderful.

Succes Story - Annie Succes Story - Annie