Succes Story - Abbidale

Little Miss Abbidale von Beagle, aka. Abby, Abbidoodles, Doodles, Doods, Wiliest Beagle in the West, arrived into our lives on October 23rd, 1999. "Mom" was browsing the Internet and came across a picture of the absolute sweetest face she had ever seen on a Beagle.

We had been looking to adopt a 3rd into our life, and were specifically looking for a younger female. We already had an adult female -Baylee (3.5 yrs) and adult male- Buddy (3 yrs), and felt a younger female could make an easier transition into the pack. She would not prove a threat toward Bud, and Baylee could lead as the big sister. Even though we lived in Washington state, Austin Hound Rescue worked with us and local contacts to make the adoption possible, proving long distance adoption can work.

Abby's induction into the family had its ups and downs at first, with the allowance for time to help smooth over any ripples. Buddy took a little longer to get adjusted to another dog in the house, while Baylee played nonstop with her right away. Abby also suffered from some separation anxiety, so we quickly became experts in methods to help reduce this factor! Having Buddy & Baylee were huge helps in assuring her life would be okay, and the routines we set when leaving also proved crucial in minimizing her anxiety. (Some 2+ years later, it is practically nonexistent.) It is vital to know rescue dogs are simply looking for all the love and attention they should have received from day one of their lives.

Since that time, Abby has proved to be a priceless addition to the family. Her personality, curiosity, and desire to please have become everyday staples in our lives. We have finally gotten around to taking her to obedience class, where she amazes us with her ability and desire to learn. Her next step will be Agility, in which we believe she is a natural! What a shame it could have been to lose such a precious little girl. Many thanks to Austin Hound Rescue for all the hard work they have done to help save all these hounds.

As these pictures show, Abby has since become an agility star! The next update will come when she attains her Open title - Abby has truly proven that just because one family doesn't want a beagle doesn't mean that the beagle isn't absolutely incredible!

Succes Story - Abbidale Succes Story - Abbidale